My tips for juicing

The ingredients:

  • Most fruits can be used without peeling the skin, but then it’s best to use organic fruits. For example, I juice apples and pears unpeeled.
  • However, citrus fruits like lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit should be peeled. And the some goes for melons.
  • Do not juice the hard stones of mango, cherries, peach, or nectarines. The small stones of apples and pears can be juiced, especially if you’re juicing just a few.
  • Cut hard veggies, like carrots, beetroot, and celery to small pieces.
  • If you’re using large leafy greens, I recommend tearing them into smaller pieces so that your juicer won’t get stuck.


  • It’s definitely easiest to wash the juicer straight after juicing when the pulp is still moist. Do not let it dry for hours and then try to wash it (like I sometimes do :)).

About the recipes:

  • When choosing ingredients, I like to think about what color I’m in the mood for. For example, carrot, beetroot, orange, red cabbage, grapefruit, and ginger go together for their color and taste. Leafy greens, cucumber, celery, fennel, broccoli, lime, lemon, apples, kiwi fruits, and pears are great for green juice. I usually pick up 3 to 5 ingredients for my juices.
  • Use your creativity freely and try all kinds of combination that you’re in the mood for! That’s how I’ve found my favorite mixes.
  • Juices are great bases for smoothies too and I like to sometimes replace plant-based milks with juice. A few pieces of frozen spinach, some pear, and a couple ice cubes with a splash of green juice make a wonderful smoothie.

173 thoughts on “My favorite juicing tips”

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